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The full cost of educating a student at St. Charles Catholic School is $7000 for the academic year. Tuition is set at $5550 for one student for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

If your family plans to ask for financial assistance for the 2020-2021 academic year, please follow the process below. No tuition assistance will be granted without the completion of the FACTS Grant and Aid Application and ALL St. Charles families are expected to participate in fundraising activities throughout the year.

Step One: FACTS Grant and Aid Application

During the application and enrollment process, please complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application by clicking this link: Financial Aid Application.

Necessary documents include most recent tax return(2019)/pay stub/W2s (2020) for each responsible adult living in the household. There is also a nominal fee to complete the application.

This gives us important information when determining qualification for financial aid and determines the amount of grant funding from Nazareth Guild and other organizations. This is a vital part of our ability to offer financial assistance.

Step Two: Committee

After receiving completing the Grant and Aid application and receiving your expected contribution letter, and if you feel your circumstances warrant further consideration, you may write a letter and a committee will meet to determine any additional financial assistance the school can provide.

Step Three: Financial Assistance Meeting

If there are extenuating circumstances beyond what is addressed through Steps 1 and 2, you may request a financial assistance meeting. During this meeting, the principal will discuss your financial circumstances that may further qualify you for financial assistance to attend St. Charles and a tuition agreement will be made.

Step Four: Payment Plan

After a tuition agreement is made, you must complete the FACTS Financial Management payment plan to be considered fully enrolled at St. Charles Catholic School.