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Our elementary grade levels encompass kindergarten through 5th grade.

The first stage of Classical Liberal Arts Education begins in Kindergarten and goes through the 2nd grade. This is called the Lower Grammar Stage. Students are learning the foundational skills necessary to foster critical thinking in the later stages, including fundamental grammar, reading and comprehension skills, mathematics, science and nature studies. As they begin to know in history about the pre-Christian civilizations they become equipped to better understand the centrality of our Lord Jesus Christ and the novelty of His Gospel.

The second stage of Classical Liberal Arts Education goes from the 3rd grade through the 5th grade and is called the Upper Grammar Stage. Students are honing their skills in grammar and beginning to understand the art of inquiry and Socratic Seminar. Students continue their study of integrated humanities and faith, as well as mathematics and science/nature studies. In the different ages of history examined, the influence of faith becomes evident as manifested in the arts, and in the extension and influence of the western civilization.