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- Gratitude In Giving - 


For the past two years we have seen a great transformation in our school and parish. God is good. In the midst of struggle and difficulties God has continued to provide growth. Let us show our gratitude with our generosity to bring our students back to our campus providing an improved building.

Dear St. Charles Families,

Praise be Our Lord Jesus Christ.

After several months of meetings and discussions, we have finally received a working plan for our HVAC system and the replacement of the fire doors is almost done. The projects’ estimated cost is five hundred thousand dollars. The cost will partially be covered by our savings but we also need to raise a substantial amount in a short period of time. 

I think it is important for us to remember what we already know. We need to bring our kids back to our campus. I have no doubt that returning to the Old Jefferson building, as challenging and difficult as it was, was not outside of God’s plan and providence. We may at times see blessings out of challenges but most of the time we will not, at least for a while.  What we know is that God, who directs all things, will continue to guide us if, in humility, we strive to know and do His will. Forced by the circumstances, we had to leave our school campus like others, in harder circumstances, were forced to leave their land. I think first of the Israelites who were exiled by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon. I also think of Joseph and the Holy family, exiled because of Herod’s jealousy and cruelty. What I think is important to consider is their effort and readiness to get back to their place and rebuild their lives. The book of Ezra relates that the Israelites, upon returning to the temple in Jerusalem that had been destroyed, first made generous voluntary offerings according to their means (Ezra 2:68-69), they rebuilt the altar and offered sacrifices (Ezra 3:3), and “They alternated in songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, “for he is good, for his love for Israel endures forever.”” (Ezra 3:11) In the gospel of Matthew, we find the account of the Holy Family’s return from Egypt, where Joseph in obedience to the angel of God, returned to the Land of Israel to the town of Nazareth and built up his life there to fulfill the prophesies (Mt 2:19-23), to the extent that Jesus would be known as his son, the son of the carpenter. (Mt 13:55) 

Despite the abysmal differences between the biblical stories and us, I pray that we would have the same generosity, spirit of sacrifice, determination to build our lives and community as we form the Kingdom of God. That we may have the same spirit of gratitude towards God because He is Good, and His love endures forever.

We are thankful for your continuous support of St. Charles Parish and School. I prayerfully ask you to consider what you can contribute to this critical need, and continue our thirty days of prayer to St. Joseph. Donations can be made online using the maintenance selection, by mail using "Building Essentials" in the memo line of checks or by placing them in the donation boxes in the Church.

Fr. Soler